A Message from the artist

Welcome to BootyWall,

This page is a social experiment to gather your stories and thoughts on the many leftover items I was able to purchase from the untold number, confiscated by the TSA in the worrisome days after 9/11.

By using this website’s link to my Banned Booty Facebook page, you will be able to view images and comment on individual items that I have specially selected, photographed, and featured. 

Some you may even recognize as your own.
All came from a huge stack of 2,000 pounds of confiscated goods that never made it into my original works. The items were purchased at a $1 per pound from the State of California’s Property Reuse Agency, which had a contract to pick them up from the TSA from eight California airports.

Two things quickly became clear as I worked on this project. The first was viewers of the art works started asking similar questions,“Who?,What?,Where? and Why?" The second was: How could I, as an artist, further connect to these viewer responses and keep the conversation going.

In order to do so I will be posting individual images of selected confiscated items beginning a thread and encouraging any of your comments and stories.

By initiating this social dialogue it is in no way intended to cause harm or insensitivity to anyone's feelings, just as when I created the works of art. It is not now nor has it ever been my intention to make judgmental social comments or criticisms about airline travel as we know it today. I simply want to document the changes in a creative, thoughtful way by bringing attention to those items - our stuff - that can no longer be brought along when we travel.

So - let's begin. Thank you for you participation, and I look forward to reading your thoughts.

Steve Maloney